Only Papaya and Cactus To Clean Your Colon and Remove All Stomach Fat

The colon is part of the digestive system, is a long tube that is at the end of this and stores the waste that stores the body of food. It fulfills one of the most important functions of the body: eliminate toxins from the body and there are many disorders that negatively affect its normal functioning.

Lifestyle and inadequate eating habits can lead to obstruction of the colon and as a consequence other health problems such as: constipation, inflammation, gas, abdominal cramps, difficulty losing weight and even colon cancer.

Colon cancer at the onset may have no symptoms, so it is recommended that you go to the doctor to undergo routine exams and detect any anomalies early.

Other diseases that affect the colon

Ulcerative colitis: It arises when the large intestine and rectum become inflamed, appearing ulcers inside the colon. Those who suffer from it may have diarrhea with blood and pus, fever, abdominal pain, rectal pain, and weight loss.