Why You Need to Spread Salt in the House…

People used salt for cleaning aims mostly for centuries. There is reason why people used this item so much for the household. Besides, it is not toxic.

These days salt is really cheap and we can use it for anything. Also the cleaning items we use are toxic and damage our health.

1. Prevention to ants

For no ants spreading, use salt. For removing them indoors sprinkle salt in the areas.  And reduce humidity in the home this way.


2. Natural copper/brass/silver polish

Clean the silver, brass and copper like this. They lose color easily but for polishing copper or silver or even brass, mix ACV and salt. Wipe the areas needed and they will be super shiny. Also stains and dirt are removed this way.

3. For cleaning house and car windows

Mix gallon warm water and 2 tbsp salt. This can clean windows well and stains too. With this clean the windows and expect this result to last a long time.

4. Shiny sink drains

Mix some salt and hot water and use this in the sinks. It will de-grease them and remove the musty smell.

5. Younger skin

Make a  bath scrub with salt and olive or lavender oil. Apply this on the body and before rinsing with lukewarm water, wait a few minutes. Salt will exfoliate nicely.

6. Vibrant colors of rugs and curtains

Use this salt mix for making vibrant colors again. With just 1 wash you can make things like new again. Get a cloth and dip it in salty water. Then rub the areas needed and also remove stains or dirt this way, not possible with many detergents.


7. Tooth treating

If you have mouth sores, mix warm water and salt. Wait a few minutes and rinse the mouth. This will give you amazing results.

8. Whitening teeth and oral care

To make teeth whiter, mix same parts baking soda and salt. For having back the shine, try this mix for brushing.

9. Better results in washed clothes

To keep clothes unshrank, put salt in the washing machine and dry clothes in the sun. also they will be a lot softer.