Natural Remedies for the Most Common Diseases

Fans of traditional medicine argue that herbs heal the body, strengthen, and reinforce it, making it more resistant to many diseases. However, this works provided that the herbal teas are consumed at least three to five weeks, and in severe case, even up to a year.

• Asthma
One of the ways to fight the disease is to fry 300 grams of sugar, until it changes color. Then nine teaspoons of honey and three large bowls of finely chopped onion are added to the sugar. Pour a liter and a half of boiling water; and thoroughly mix the ingredients. Cook it covered, occasionally lifting the lid.

It is done when almost half of the liquid evaporates. When the content cools off a little, drain, pour it into bottles, and close well. One teaspoon of the remedy is taken before every meal. Cigarettes and alcohol are strictly prohibited during the treatment.

• Angina
Mix finely chopped garlic and mallow in equal parts, pour half a pint of boiling water, and let stay covered for about 15 minutes. Then drain and add honey. Use the tea to rinse your throat, and you can also drink small amounts.

A few leaves of fresh cabbage is put in the oven to soften and warm up, then use them to put it on your forehead three times a day, until the headache goes away.

• Sniffle
The simplest cure for runny nose is that you inhale the smoke into the nostrils of a bread crust baking. The process is repeated several times a day, for two to three minutes.

• Sciatica and arthritis
The scoop of pure oats cook two to three minutes in half a pint of water, then drain and drink one cup several times a day. At the same time, cover the painful places putting lining of the hot cooked oatmeal. Change the linings every four hours.

• Burns
Grate raw potatoes as a coating, apply cotton wool linseed oil, or make coatings of cold milk, to prevent the formation of blisters.