Mother Saw Something Strange On Her Baby’s Neck. What Actually Came Out Is Shocking. ALL PARENTS SHOULD SEE THIS

This shocking story is a warning to all parents – never dismiss anything strange you see on your baby!

The parents of a baby named Mia recently noticed a swelling in her neck and cheek area and immediately assumed it was a swollen gland. They took her to a doctor for a routine check, but he sent the baby back home as he thought that her body would be able to deal with a simple infection. However, when the swelling didn’t go away for a while, they took her back to the doctor who noticed that something was sticking out of the swollen area. When he checked closely, he saw that it was a feather!

How in the world did she grow a feather on her neck?! Are the GMO foods causing mutations or was is something else that caused this bizarre problem? We may never learn, but watch the video below to see the reasonable explanation of the doctor and her parents.