Mom Saw A Ring Around Her Daughter’s Neck. If You Spot This Too, Rush To The Hospital. Here’s Why…

Obesity rates in children are climbing fast, and it doesn’t look that it’ll stop anytime soon.

When she was 14, a girl named Pantera started to get headaches and mood swings which appeared out of nowhere. She also had a dark circle around her neck which was supposedly nothing serious. However, while many people may think that this kind of dark circle is just dirt, it is actually a sign of type 2 diabetes!

Doctors say that this dark circle appears due to insulin problems in the body, which might be a sign of type 2 diabetes. The dark circle is called “acanthosis nigricans” and can also appear on the underarm or groin areas.

Type 2 diabetes is now more common in children than ever. When it occurs in children it can be difficult to treat, so preventive measures such as regular exercise and a healthy diet are very important for the condition.

Pantera’s mom hopes that sharing this story will help people learn more about diabetes and its seemingly harmless symptoms. “I’d like other parents to know that it can happen to your child, even if you’re not diabetic and no one in your family is diabetic, it can happen,” she said. Giving French fries and chicken nuggets to your children is not OK – you have to put your child on a healthy diet or it will eventually suffer.