Recently, scientists created an anti-rape device. Unfortunately, a woman from New York had to use it and she claims that it “saved her from being raped and brutally assaulted.” According to Michelle Kingston, she was walking home from work on a Sunday afternoon when a man jumped out of a side alley and grabbed her. “I couldn’t scream, it happened so quick. He put his hand over my mouth and threatened me with a knife. I stayed calm and complied knowing he was about to get the karma he deserved.”

What is this device?

The device called ‘Karma’ was purchased for her by her grandfather. “I wanted my granddaughter to be safe, so I purchased this anti-rape device for her,” said Mitchell Kingston, the grandfather. “She didn’t like it in the beginning, but in the end, she agreed to start using it. She’s gorgeous and only 18 and I don’t want her to be taken advantage of or assaulted. She walks to and from work every day in the city, and rapes happen multiple times per day. That punk got would he deserved.”

When the rapist attacked her, the minute he penetrated his victim, the device sliced his genitals with 6 razors in one clean sweep. Then, the device slices down one more time on its way out. According to this girl, the perpetrator fell to the ground screaming in agony, which gave Kingston the time to run and call police on her cell phone. The man was 38-year-old Ronald Steadway. Doctors immediately transported him to the nearby hospital where his penis had to be surgically removed. After he makes a full recovery, he’s going to jail.

This new device makes girls will feel very safe and the risks about getting raped are much smaller. It’s actually a pretty helpful device, but we really hope that there won’t be many incidents so girls and women would have to use it.