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Over the centuries the freedom was considered as one of the major awards and the man tried to win many difficult battles throughout its existence. Currently, only people posses the power of decision and that is free course that gives us the ability to guide our future.

Nowadays, people are subordinated by the economic power of great industries that have unlimited control under the nonrenewable resources of our planet, and that is frightening way to keep all people controlled and manipulated under the nefarious capitalist markets.

In fact, complete and real freedom today people can only be drawn in their imagination. Still, the media successfully inoculated information in our subconscious, and made us to believe that we are masters of our actions. And the discouraging truth is that the more free we are, the more slaves we become.

If people are living in true freedom, they don’t have to meet all of the daily routines to which they are exposed. One of the most tedious activities that the human being experiences throughout its existence is going to work or to school.

At the video below you can see attests to the chaos in which the humanity is, which actually is dark tunnel that predicts that we don’t have a brilliant start under the sun, but quite the opposite: our future is dark as the night is.

This video is incredible combination of empty thoughts and unanswered questions. Despite the fact that we boast of being an enlightened society, the capitalist power tells you what to think and how you should act, which has created amazing avalanche of chaos where they have gone harmed our environment, like the animals and plants.

There are many examples that show that people are cancer of the earth, we are the only species on the entire planet that ends its environment, besides the fact that our life directly depends on it. It seems that people are blind to the changes, but obedient to orders.

The following link you will shows short film that will show you just part of this dark reality of the human being: