Did you know that your personality can be determined by the shape of your fingers? It’s true – continue reading below to see what the shape of your fingers can reveal about you!


Shape A

You’re not a person who shows emotions, and you maintain a strong and cool personality before others. Keeping this cold image makes you sad, but deep inside you are emotional and can be nice to a person once you get to know them well.

As you’re an emotional type of person, you really care about your loved ones, but can be really cold to people you’re not close with. You enjoy helping people in need, however, which shows that underneath the cold surface, you have a big and warm heart.


People with this finger shape never quit, no matter the task and are also very honest and never lie. They are very offended if a close person lies to them for whatever reason.

Shape B

You are a dreamer, a person who dreams about true love and someone who will understand you. This makes you loyal once you fall in love and you always think about your loved ones first. However, you’re always afraid of being hurt by the people you love.

Although you’re sensitive, you’re very strong and independent. Even though you find some tasks hard, you finish them with calmness.

Shape C

People with this finger shape never stick with something or someone that makes them angry, and never want to try new things in life. They are not open to other people, and keep their feeling and emotions to themselves.

However, they like when someone puts their trust in them. They know what they do and don’t like, and never pretend to like something they don’t. These people have high egos and a soft heart which can be touched easily.