How To Get Pregnant With A Boy Or A Girl

There are many different gender selection methods which claim they are better than others. For example, the “Shettles method” is one of the most popular gender selection methods in the world, and it has been used for decades.

Dr. Shettles, the method’s creator, recommends only gender selection methods which are scientifically proven. His method is cheap and doesn’t require any medical treatment beforehand.

There are two types of sperm – the X (male) and Y (female) sperm. The gender of the baby depends on the chromosomes in the genetic material. Dr. Shettler says that male chromosomes are smaller and faster, while female ones are larger and slower. He suggests following these advices in order to select the gender of your baby:

Conceiving a boy

First, restrain from sex for 4-5 days in order to accumulate more sperm. You should have sex with your partner as closest to ovulation as possible, or at the day of the ovulation. The female sperm is faster when released before ovulation, meaning that the egg will reach the male sperm faster. In the period before ovulation, the egg white cervical mucus alkalinity is high and provides the best environment for the Y sperm. Sex close to ovulation days is recommended because the Y sperm won’t have the same properties in less alkaline environment.

As alkalinity increases during a female orgasm, Dr. Shettles suggests that having an orgasm before or at the same time as the male partner will ease the way of the Y sperm to the egg. As for the sex position, he recommends the popular doggy position, which allows best penetration and also puts the male sperm closest to the cervix.

Conceiving a girl

In order to conceive a girl, Dr. Shettles recommends having sex before the ovulation days, and restraining from sex 2-3 days before and on the ovulation day. Sperm can survive for up to 6 days in the vagina, ensuring that the stronger male sperm stays and fertilizes an egg. You should have sex in a pose that allows shallow penetration such as the missionary. This pose will put the sperm in an acidic environment in which it cannot survive.

Women shouldn’t have sex during their fertile period since it will raise the alkalinity in the reproductive system.

According to many, the Shettles method is not precise, which is why they don’t practice it. If you, however, decide to try it, you should have sex near the ovulation period. It’s a cheap and often effective method which can help you select the gender of your baby.