Here’s Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Let His Kids Use Iphones or Ipads (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)

Nick Bilton, a reported for the New York Times, once asked the late Steve Jobs in an interview if his children love the iPad. Jobs, to Bilton’s amuse, said that his kids haven’t used the tablet yet – in fact, he said that his children have a limited amount of technology at home.

In fact, Jobs isn’t the only one who limits the use of technology to their children – almost all Silicon Valley engineers have been protecting their children from technology for a long time. They even send their children to a tech-free school called Waldrof School in Los Altos!

Chris Anderson is a father of 5 and the CEO of 3D Robotics. He says that he also forbids his children to use too much technology. Of course, they accuse him of being fascist, but he says that he doesn’t want to see the dangers of technology affect his children in any way. Nowadays children are exposed to tablets, computers and smartphones at a very young age, which often results in lack of creativity and imagination. Denying them technology doesn’t mean that they will have a less interesting childhood – in fact, older generations were grown with no technology and learned how to socialize properly.

Giving your children smartphones and tablets while they’re still very young will prevent them from developing properly, which is why you should consider another way of organizing their free time. Take them outside to enjoy nature, or put them among other children so they can socialize – you might be resented at first, but they will be thankful later!