How to Grow A Pineapple From Another One – Easily!

Growing your own food is all the rage these days. Of course, why would you buy genetically modified food when you can grow organic and fresh food in your own yard?

There are various reasons why people decide to grow their own food, including the fact that it saves money and you get the chance to eat organic and pesticide-free food.

Luckily, people are becoming aware of the benefits of growing their own food and start replacing their flowers with organic fruits and vegetables.

Of course, you need some tips on how to do this and this article provides useful guidelines for your very first home-grown fruit. If you adhere to the instructions below, you will soon have a big pineapple tree with delicious fruits.


  1. Pineapples are bromeliad, meaning that they don’t have any seeds.
  2. Even though they grow in hot and sunny climates, pineapple can flourish in shade as well.
  3. Small amounts of water will suffice as pineapples don’t require any specific care and much water.
  4. Given the fact that pineapple trees don’t have big roots, you don’t need large quantities of high quality soil. They thrive in slightly acidic soil, meaning that you can use the soil from your garden to fill the planting pot. This saves money as well.


  • Pineapple of any size
  • A little glass water container
  • A planter
  • Soil


  • First, get a ripe pineapple and make sure that it doesn’t have any soft spots on the skin. It is recommended to buy organic pineapple so that your home-grown fruit grows organic.
  • Wash the fruit thoroughly and put it onto a cutting board.
  • Cut the leafy green area (crown) along with an inch or two of the fruit flesh. Dry the crown for a couple of days before you put it into a small glass container with about half an inch of clean water. Make sure the bottom is filled with water while the leaves are not submerged and float above the water level.
  • Keep the glass container in a sunny place for about two weeks. Replace the water every two or three days.
  • The crown will start developing roots in about two weeks. At this point, it will be set for planting, so get an appropriate planter with high quality soil.


  • Water the plant to keep the soil moist.
  • Expose it to sunlight for at least six hours on a daily basis and in a shade for the rest of the day.

It takes about a year for your pineapple to get large for the planter. Re-plant it in bigger pot afterwards or simply

plant it directly in the garden. The first organic pineapple will be ripe in 12 months.