Grandma’s Bronchitis Recipe For Children And Adults: Removes Phlegm From The Lungs And Cures Bronchitis Almost Immediately!

For bronchitis, dry and chronic cough in children and adults this is the best proven remedy and for preparation you need only two ingredients – black radish and honey. In diseases of the upper respiratory tract it is an excellent expectorant, and it does not cause side effects, and it is very easy to prepare.



You need one big black radish of 400-500 grams for this recipe, high-quality honey, or if you don`t have honey, if you are allergic you can use sugar. But, it is recommended to use honey.

To consume the next day you should make this syrup at night.


1.Wash the radish well and let it dry. Cut its little lower part, to stand straight if it is not flat.

2.Cut the upper part, which we will need later.

3.Leaving the walls 2cm thick make a hole in the radish. So that more of half of the hole is filled put 2 spoons of honey. Put 4 spoons of sugar if there is allergy to honey.

4.On the upper cut off part put a lid. Leave to stand overnight.

You should use this syrup in the morning.

How to use it:

Adults: 1 tbsp, 4-5 times a day, few minutes before meal.

Children: 1 teaspoon, 4-5 times a day before meal.

During the day you will finish the syrup. Add honey in the same radish in the evening. The same radish can be used 2-3 times max. Then, you need to use another radish.


Because large amount of honey can cause allergic reaction people who have diabetes and children need to pay attention.

Contraindications: kidney disease, acute GIT, liver, and gallbladder.

From a dry and persistent cough, bronchitis this homemade syrup will quickly cure you and it will help you to remove phlegm from your lungs. Children will accept it with pleasure because it is very tasty.