Every Night he Puts a Wet Towel on the Window. From now on, You Will do the Same! Read These 6 Incredible Tricks

Hot summer nights are awful for sleeping – you are sweating under the sheets, but leaving the conditioner on freezes the room in just a short time. Plus, not everyone can afford an air conditioner. However, these 6 simple tricks will help you save money and sleep better!

  1. A wet towel on the window

It does sound strange, but putting a wet towel on your window will act as a natural conditioner overnight!

  1. A pillow in the fridge

Put a pillow in the fridge for a short time before going to bed and you will definitely sleep better. Who doesn’t want a cold side of the pillow overnight?

  1. Ice cubes in front of the ventilator

In order to cool down the room before going to bed, put a plate with ice in front of your fan and it’ll get chilly in no time.

  1. Remove all heat sourced from your room prior to sleeping

Remove all electronic devices from your bedroom as they emit unnecessary heat, especially if they’re charging.

  1. A cold bath tub for your feet

A cold bath will cool your body down and help you sleep better. Cooling your legs will improve the circulation towards them, as the body tries to warm them up, resulting in a calming effect on the whole body.

  1. Wet socks

Putting on wet socks before going to bed in the hot summer nights will refresh you and help you sleep better.