Don’t Throw These Bags Again! When You See What Can They Do, You`ll Keep Them Like Gold!

The seemingly useless silica bags are often thrown away because we don’t find them useful. However, they are a non-toxic inert desiccant that will dry anything near them due to their silicon dioxide content.

Here’s what you can do with silica gel bags:

Put them in your gym bag

Your gym bag is a great breeding ground for germs due to the moisture from your sweaty workout clothes. Adding silica gel bags inside will absorb the moisture and prevent bacteria from growing inside, eliminating further problems as well as odor.

Put them between towels

Put a few silica bags in your towel compartment and you will prevent dampness and odor from your towels.

Make your razors last longer

Keep your razor in a plastic container along a couple of silica bags in order to prevent the dampness and make it last longer.

Save your drowned phone

Drowned your phone in water? Don’t worry – instead of putting it in a jar of rice, do the same with silica bags. They will absorb the moisture and hopefully save your phone from dying.

No more foggy car windows!

Don’t you just hate it when the windows of your car get foggy during winter? You just sit inside with the A\C on waiting until they are clear so you can drive… but worry no further! Put some silica bags under your windshield and you will see how quickly they will clear up!

Save your old photos

It’s sad that old photos lose their quality and sharpness over time, but if you put some silica bags in the box with your favorite photos, you will keep dampness away and preserve their quality!

Save your make up

Every woman needs a couple of silica bags in her purse in order to stop the powder from curdling.

Save your Jack O’Lantern

Add a silica bag inside your Jack O’Lantern and you will extend its longevity immediately.