Did You Know that Using a Potato you can Light a Room for a Month ?! – VIDEO

According to a recent research, potatoes cooked for 8 minutes can create a battery that lasts 10 times longer than raw potatoes!

The team was led by Haim Rabinovitch, a professor of science and agriculture. The scientists came to the findings by using units of potato quarters located between a copper cathode and zinc anode connected with a wire. The energy produced could light a room with LED light for 40 days! This shows that potatoes can provide electricity for just a tenth of the cost of AA batteries.

Just imagine if we could run everything in our homes on potatoes. “Potatoes are chosen because of the possibility of their growth almost everywhere, including tropical and subtropical climate. It is the world’s most abundant crop” says professor Rabinovitch

While not a source of energy, potatoes provide electricity by acting as a bridge between metal, allowing electrons to move through them. Potatoes are chosen due to their solid starch structure which allows for them to be stored for months without attracting insects.