Clean The Dental Cavities And Decrease The Pain Quickly, Without Going To The Dentist!

We usually feel the toothache during the night, and that’s all because of one simple reason – the pain appears as a pressure on the nerve endings, and during the night, when the body is in a full stage of relaxing, more blood comes to the painful area, increasing the pressure on the nerves.

To relieve the toothache, we bring you an effective remedy, which will help you for sure.

Mix half a teaspoon of nutmeg powder, with one teaspoon of mustard, sesame or coconut oil. Make a tiny ball of cotton wool and using the ball, apply the mixture on the painful tooth and let it act for some time. After removing it, wash the mouth with warm water.

Repeat this procedure usually every two days, considering the fact that the nutmeg contains Myristicin, which in bigger amounts has sedative and hallucinogen effects. But in lower amounts, except that it helps in case of toothache, it also relieves the feeling of nausea, prevents vomiting and diarrhea.