Bedtime Weight Loss Drink – Easy and Powerful

In order to lose weight, nutritionists recommend consuming fewer calories and burning more, which can be done by regular exercise and healthy diet. Most of the excess calories you consume are stored as fat, and burning this fat will help you lose weight. But, did you know that there is a quick and easy solution which can melt your fat overnight?

This amazing bedtime weight loss drink accelerates your metabolism and keeps it running high even overnight, helping your body burn calories even while you sleep. The effect is caused by its ingredients which have been proven to boost metabolism. For best results, you should consume the drink instead of dinner for a couple of weeks, and soon you will be amazed by the results! Here’s how to prepare it:


A tablespoon of grated ginger

A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

Two grapefruit


Peel the grapefruit first, then mix it with the other ingredients in a juicer and drink the beverage fresh before any meal during the day, although we recommend drinking it instead your dinner. Repeat the procedure for a week, then take a 7-day break and repeat it again.

If you cannot stand the bitter taste of grapefruit, replace it with any other citrus fruit in the recipe.