Aerobic exercises for weight loss

Aerobic exercises for weight loss will help you burn more calories than you’ve eaten. This is the basic for losing pounds and it is more often found by the name of caloric deficit. Caloric deficit means exercising more and eating less or a combination of the two. If you decide to lose weight in a healthy way, you will include physical activity in your lifestyle. Walking, cycling and running are the best choices. Here we present you a slimming program based on jogging. If you wish to lose weight and improve your health, you’ll get the best results by combining diet changes with suitable physical activities. If you’ve already made up your mind to stick to a certain diet or food concept, try to include extra physical activity in your daily routine in order to stimulate fat burning. Strength or so called toning exercises are especially good for your shape and looks. If you start jogging regularly, include this basic program at least twice a week. If you are short of time during the week, you can do these toning exercises before jogging.

Basic toning exercises that don’t require requisites are squats, female push-ups, back, butt and abdominal muscles exercises. It is enough to do two sets of ten repetitions.

1.5 minutes – THE EIGHT

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Hold a ball in your hands and step forward with your left foot transferring the ball from one hand to another with an overhead movement. Draw an eigth in the air with the ball. Switch legs and repeat the exercise.

30 seconds – STRETCHING
a) Hold a 1 pound weight in each hand. Stand up straight with your feet together. Lift your left foot about 3 cm high. Slightly bend backwards, from your hips, lifting your hands above your head and still holidng the weights.

  1. b) Stand up straight and lift your hands to shoulder height. Return to your initial position and repeat the exercise but this time lifting your foot from the ground. Continue exercising by switching sides, so that a move doesn’t last more than a second.

Stand up straigth with your feet hip-width apart, holding a ball at the height of your waist. Move your left leg diagonally behind you and lift the right heel from the ground. Then bend your left leg and knee. At the same time, move your hand so that the ball is placed in front of the right shoulder. Return to your initial position and repeat the exercise starting from your left leg.