Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises, i.e abdominal muscles exercises will help you tone the muscles in that part of the body, and in order to have a flat stomach, you have to burn the fat layer that covers it. This can be achieved through regular nutrition and cardio exercises. Try to increase the intake of proteins and to limit the consumation of carbs. Regular exercise (at least 3 times a week) will allow you to have visible results within less than a month. Here are the best exercises for toning and shaping the abdomen:

Bicycle – This is the best exercise for your abdominal muscles. While you are on your back, press your lower body to the ground. Place your hands behind your head and lift your legs at about 10 cm from the floor. Bend your knees at 45 degrees angle and start pulling them towards your body. Touch your knees with the opposite elbows. Start with 10-20 repetitions and gradually increase the number.

For strong abdominal muscles – lie on your  back, place your hands below your head, lift your shoulders and slightly bend your knees. Your back has to be fully against the floor. Start doing the push ups by lifting and putting down your shoulders and head. After 40 repetitions make a short break. Do the exercise 2 more times. If you feel a burning sensation in the upper section of your abdomen, don’t worry, it only shows you’re doing it right.

For a smaller waist – lie on your back, lift your torso and cross your arms on your stomach. Stay in that position for about 10 seconds. Then, lift your legs about 20 cm off the ground. Now do the scissors in quick and brief movements. It would be ideal to do it 50 times before the first break for optimum results.

Leg lifting – lie flat on your back, stretch out your legs and place your arms against your body or below your butt. Form a 90 degrees angle with your body. From that position start lowering your legs as much as possible. You knees should be straight. Do 4 sets of 20-30 repetitions for lower abdomen.

Do your stomach exercises regularly and pay attention to your nutrition. It is necessary to eat 5 times a day and to drink a lot of water.