This Girl Lost Almost 100 kg. In Only A Year!

Kaitlyn Smith is a 17-year old Portland native that managed to lose about a 100 kg. in only 15 months! Her previous size was a staggering 200 kg!

During high school, Kaitlyn suffered from depression as she was constantly being mocked because of her weight. Even people on the street loudly commented on her weight. All of this made her search different options for weight loss – Kaitlyn informed herself on gastric bypass surgery, but the doctor that she went to mocked her and told her that there was no way she can lose that much weight.

However, Kaitlyn didn’t give up – she made drastic diet and lifestyle changes and even hired a personal trainer who put her under a strict regime which paid off in the end.

In the beginning, she really though it was impossible, but she realized that negative thoughts will not help her in her fight against excess weight. Kaitlyn followed a weight loss program that included healthy and balanced diet and physical exercises for 6 days a week. Every day was a big challenge for her, but she managed to accomplish all goals.

After 15 months, Kaitlyn was finally satisfied with herself when she looked in the mirror. However, this was not the end of her fight against obesity. After losing nearly 100 kg., her skin became loose and more exposed to risk of infections. She was also suffering from joint pain and was really worried about her loose skin and the insufficient funds for the cosmetic process that would fix the problem.

Not long ago after cutting her weight in half, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon, heard about Kaitlyn’s amazing story and decided to perform the surgery for free. He did three cosmetic procedures on Kaitlyn’s body until all of the loose skin was removed.

Now, Kaitlyn fells like a different woman – she is enjoying her life and is very happy. She is not depressed or bitter anymore – she goes out and hangs out with her friends, but most importantly, she is satisfied with herself.