7 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Older And Fatter

Clothing details can sometimes add too much weight on your figure. Unsuitable hair length and color or a bland skirt can add as much as 10 pounds on your weight, but if you learn what to avoid when you buying clothes, you can easily appear slimmer and younger than before.

Here are 7 style mistakes that make you look older and fatter:

Too much black!

Yes, black is probably the classiest color, but you should know that it adds many years to your appearance. When you wear black clothes, it makes your skin white, and these clothes create contrast, accentuating your dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles. Use a brown shade, however, and you will subside 5 years from your age. If black is an irreplaceable color for you, add a colorful accessory to eliminate the dullness.


Clothes are meant to cover your naked figure, not to cover who you are. Do you remember how Steve Carell was transformed by wearing a size down from his usual clothes in the movie Crazy, Stupid Love? That’s actually true – we often buy oversized clothes. If you want a classic jacket for example, you should buy an appropriate size for your figure, not a bigger size.

Long skirts

Your skirts should be appropriately long – not too long, but not too short either. Try a mid-knee long skirt and you’ll see how it fits you perfectly.

Wrong type of glasses

Our face is our calling card, and if you must wear glasses, try to pick ones that fit you. The eyeglasses’ frame affects your look significantly, so try bolder frames and see how they look on you and remember – don’t hide your eyes!

Shopping with the wrong person

When going shopping, go with people your age. Your teenage daughter may advise you to wear something trendy, but let’s face it – you will look ridiculous. Sure, that teenage dress may look nice, but you need a style that reflects your age.

Avoid stumpy shoes

Platforms are a popular choice of footwear, but won’t look good on you if you are past your 30s and over 60 pounds. Choose a slim variant – they will fit your legs better.


Of course, a silk scarf may look cool, but it is an accessory stuck in the 60s. Instead of wearing it on your neck, put it around your bag handles or wear it as a bracelet. Avoid wearing small brooches on your lapel – if you’re a fan of them, try using an oversized one on your jacket.